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The True Love Series


I'm Betsy Anne, writer and reader of romance. If you're new to my books, send me an email, and I'll be happy to send you my first book, Mine, Not Hers, for free. I love making new friends and freebies are a great bribe!

If you've read my books, THANK YOU! I would bake you something out of appreciation, but I don't know how I'd get it to you, so I guess you'll have to settle for this:           (Just know it was made with love)

I have a new release coming very soon, and I'll be posting details on the website. I'm so excited about it! Don't forget to sign-up for my occasional newsletter for the latest news and giveaways!

- Happy Reading!   Betsy Anne

Mine, Not Hers



Mine, Not Hers, book one in the True Love series, dives into the titillating world of erotic suspense.

Katie and Jason have an enviable life complete with never ending passion for one another, until she begins to have dreams which seem to foretell an intrusion into their perfect world. Is the sex-crazed stalker from her nightmares real or is Katie losing her grip on reality? She refuses to believe that Jason could be a willing participant in such a dangerous game, but evidence suggests otherwise. What lengths will she go to to find out the truth?


Peek into the minds of a desperate wife, and a protective husband as the strands of their marriage begin to unravel.

what they're saying about Mine, Not Hers:
Kirkus Reviews

"Anne's chronicle of a couple facing the ultimate test of their relationship offers a plethora of erotic thrills and promising characters. Each chapter is told from the first-person perspective of Katie, Jason, or Cynthia, a mystery woman from Jason's past. This strong structure allows Anne to reveal the same events from different points of view, heightening the novel's intrigue. The frequent sex scenes are also effective, showcasing Katie and Jason's enduring attraction."

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