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Mine, Not Hers

Katie and Jason have an enviable life complete with never ending passion for one another, until she begins to have dreams which seem to foretell an intrusion into their perfect world. Is the sex-crazed stalker from her nightmares real or is Katie losing her grip on reality? She refuses to believe that Jason could be a willing participant in such a dangerous game, but evidence suggests otherwise. What lengths will she go to to find out the truth?


Peek into the minds of a desperate wife, and a protective husband as the strands of their marriage begin to unravel.

A Love We Deserve

Melanie's husband, Chris, has come home for the last time smelling of a cheap mistress. She's finally had enough of his infidelity. She kicks him to the curb once and for all, but now what?

 When she least expects it, she meets Brian. A handsome, muscular stranger whose enraptured by her. There's an immediate, and intense attraction, but she pushes him away, knowing that Mr. Perfect will be next in her line of failed relationships.Is he strong enough to break down the brick wall she's built around her heart or will he protect his own which hides deep secrets from his past?A page turner from the beginning, Melanie's sad, funny, steamy, and sweet tale of second-chance love will envelope the reader until the very last page.

A Model Romance

Inspired by her sister's new marriage and beautiful family, Rebecca decides it's finally time to make a change and dumps New York like a bad habit.

A handsome Scot, Wickham Dunmore, enters her life by chance. He's kind, gorgeous and loving, but he's hesitant to have a physical relationship. Her self-esteem is shattered by the rejection. He begs for her understanding, but why does this intensely sexual man hold back?

Wickham can't revisit the mistakes of his past, but he's drawn to Rebecca in a powerful way. He must be honest with her about the man he once was and the man he aspires to be. He introduces her to his former self, and invites her to share a new sexual journey. Will Rebecca accept him once she finds out the truth or will she run back to the safe, familiar men of her past? Enjoy all the touching, funny and sensual moments of Rebecca and Wickham's love.