Writing Romance is…

fulfilling, difficult, tiresome, fun, maddening, exciting, dull, and so on and so on. I’m sure you get the picture. When fully engaged in the characters, I can go for hours before I look up from the keyboard. When I do, I can barely move my neck and I have to pee (thanks, coffee). Those are the greatest of Zen-like moments that, as a writer, I strive for. Most other days, are moments of blinding white space with the never ending blink * blink of the cursor tapping it’s foot, waiting for me to get busy. My muse seems to enjoy long coffee breaks. I imagine she’s the one by the water cooler, waiting for someone to talk to instead of getting back to work.


Having just recently completed my series, I was ready to take a short break and focus on book marketing and refreshing my brain. Let the new ideas fall like rain, and pick and choose the drops I wish to water my garden. Fact is, it doesn’t work that way. Most things in life don’t come to us willingly (except the bad crap), we must search and work hard for what we want, including ideas. Sometimes, on rare occasions, ideas will present themselves in a dream or as a lucky bout with serendipity, such as Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series that she came up with in a dream (Stephenie’s story). I don’t think anyone would want to read a story about my dream where a two-headed gopher was chasing my cat through an amusement park. Not hot. So, forward I press to come up with new ideas.

Most writers I know, including your’s truly, view life through two sets of eyes. The first is for vision, you know, so you don’t step off a curb. The second is on constant alert for characters and stories. Grocery store, soccer game, cocktail parties…beware. The writer in your midst is sizing everything and everyone up for plot lines. Nothing is sacred.

Having divulged all that useless information, I’m happy to announce that I’m beginning work on a new series! I’m excited to introduce the world to this particular set of characters: hot guys, cool gals and a ranch. Yum. Meanwhile, if you haven’t already, go read the first series! If you have read it, read it again! 🙂 If you’ve read it again, then go review it! Writer’s are desperate people, and we’re never shy about begging for readers and reviewers.

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Happy Reading!

xoxo – BA

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  1. Mary Ann Wied says:

    If your next series is as fascinating and enjoyable as your 1st one, I am truly looking forward!

  2. Anwar says:

    Wish I could be a writer like to you and then see my it on print media get all the nice comments you are enjoying now, I put my email address with this comments so that can hear from you: ikutsb@gmail.com

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