Snow Day, Slow Day

Hi All,

Well, if you’re on the east coast like me, there’s a great chance you’re staring out a frost covered window trying to imagine why in the world we were all complaining about the record winter heat a couple of weeks ago. Brrr….

If you have little ones, I hope you’re enjoying some quality time before they drive you up a wall. Wine helps, so do locked bathroom doors. If you’re like me and your kids are doing their own thing, it’s a great time to catch up on all those great household tasks…just kidding. Take a nap and dream of sunshine.

If you don’t live in the path of the storm, or you’re on vacation, then none of this applies and I hope you feel smug about it.

Here’s a fun list of things to do while snowed in. Not your average “read or watch TV”, even though those are essentials, too!

Enjoy, and stay warm and safe!

xoxo – BA


Click the shoveler:  Depositphotos_13915349_s-2015

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